Thursday, June 20, 2013

Party Planning Tips to help busy mums!

I am a mum, a teacher and have my own online retail business so I am a busy busy woman.

But when it comes to party planning do you think I can happily pass the buck? NO WAY!!!!

Party planning is a love and a passion. I have organised many parties and love every aspect - the planning, the sourcing, the organising, the set up and of course the actual event.

Here are a few little planning tips I have learnt (usually the hard way) along the way. I hope this helps to prepare you for your next special party.

1. Make sure your party will be age and stage appropriate for your child - Don't plan a cocktail soiree for your daughter's 3rd birthday.

2. Start with a budget... Eek I know we hate that word but you need to set a limit to how much you want to spend on a 3 hour event. If you don't you could run the risk of impulse buying and last minute guilt sneaking up on you.

3. Think of how many children you want coming - Be mindful that most parties under 4 require the parents to stay so catering for this is essential.

4. How long will the party go for? – Usually a party lasts around 2 – 3 hours depending on the age of the children. As they get older the duration also increases

5. Location - Will you host at home, in a park or at a venue? And do you have a wet weather plan?

6. Choose a theme (this is really important) - whether it be a colour, a character or time or year, it is vital to have your theme set in your mind. Once you have chosen a theme you can move on to colours, graphics and decorative features. Ask your kids to give you a top 3 and go from there. 

7. Entertainment: Whether you choose paid or free you need to plan for this - Allocate space for the Jumping Castle or Ball Pit, is there a room for the Clown or Fairy to perform their show? - Have you thought about a craft table? Would you like organised games?

8. Party bags - These are an absolute highlight at the end of a party (and not just for the parent wink wink) Make sure to select contents based on the age of the child. To keep costs down I send each child home with a balloon that was used for decoration and I let the adults add lollies from the dessert table to the treat bags at the end of the party. This takes the pressure of me to provide double the treats and allows the parents to pick and choose what their own kids are allowed to eat. (Win/win)

9. Decorations - Keep it simple. Stick to your theme. Hand make if you can. Include the kids in this and they will be happy for hours!! 

10. Pinterest!!!! - Create your own Pin Boards for each party theme you think you might like to do. Browse, search and pin anything and everything that gives you inspiration. But be warned, it is very addictive. Just see my Pinterest Boards if you don't believe me!

So there you have it. Some very simple yet super helpful ideas for planning your next party.
Happy party planning everyone and happy pinning.