Thursday, March 8, 2012

Princess Party for my Daughter

Back in December my Daughter Isabella had her third birthday, and in truly mummy fashion we threw her a Princess birthday party.
Just so we are clear, this was the ultimate of parties and I can promise you that this was a once in her lifetime event. I will not be doing this again. (LOL at the wrinkles and grey hairs that formed as a result of this party).

Keep in mind that my son Jack was born mid September and I thought it would be a 'great idea' to give Bella a big party not even 3 months after giving birth!!! What was I thinking???? Don't worry; EVERYONE thinks I am insane. And now 3 months later I believe them. But against all odds the day was a success and everyone including the birthday girl had a ball.

So here are all the details:

Theme: Fairy Princesses
Location: Home transformed into a Fairy Princess Castle.
Timing: A Sunday 10am - 12pm but some stayed on of course.

The Royal Throne and Dress up room

Nonna Helen (my mum) made all of these beautiful princess skirts and fairy wings. My hubby made the Dress up rack! 

Outside Activities

My Hubby came up with this cool idea. I made the signs and taped them together to a broom stick!

We had a craft corner and bubbles out the back

We had a treasure hunt out the front too.

The Dessert Table and delicious treats

Instead of putting lollies in the party boxes. We set up all the left over treats after the cake and made a lolly buffet for the parents to choose what lollies to take home. Some how I think the kids came off second best. Hahaha

What can I say... We had HEAPS of food. But a nice mix of sweet and savoury.

Fairy Princess Nicole

I asked a friend of ours to dress up as a Fairy Princess and come to the party.
My mum made the skirt and Nic did the rest. Isn't she AMAZING!!

I highly recommend having this type of entertainment as it freed me up to actually enjoy myself and tend to my 3 month old as well.

Fairy Princess Nicole played musical statues, pass the parcel, played bubbles and craft outside and took all the kids on a fairy hunt. All the kids loved her but not as much as me!

Party Fun

The party was over in the blink of an eye. Everyone had a terrific time. But no one more so then Isabella. And you know what I found hard to believe... After the party was over and I collapsed on the lounge I looked around to find a pretty clean and tidy house. It seems that if you provide enough fun and games outside, kids don't trash your home on the inside.
quite impressive.

Extra special, wonderful, amazing thanks goes to:

- My hubby of course for not only building the best dress up rack ever, but helping me with everything and encouraging my crazy ideas. AND not making me feel silly at any time!

- My mum for making all the dress ups and helping with dressing up the house and for being the best mum anyone could ever have.

- Aunty Tracey and Uncle Greg. Wow these 2 are a power machine. Not only was Tracey 8 months pregnant at the time but she come over the Friday before and lead the decorating committee of my mum, hubby and me. Then over night she made some delicious treats. And on the day she helped me set up the dessert tables too. Then Greg and Tracey or Team Sharp as I call them now set up my kitchen and looked after all of the food for the entire party. Words can't express how much I love these two. (Check out the baby shower Greg and Tracey threw for me back in August... AMAZING) coming soon

- My Dad and Jenny. For supplying and delivering all of the Princess balloons. There were soooo many balloons. All the girls got to take one or two home and the foil ones lasted for months!

- Megan Bennett from (Megan Bennett Photography). For your truly amazing photography. Most of the photo's you see above are all from this remarkable woman. I highly recommend Megan for any event you think you might have in the future.

- Fairy Princess Nicole. For going out of your comfort zone and putting on the best show for all of the kids. We will always be grateful for your special presence on the day.

- Lola. For all of your baking, face painting and help on the day and always xxx

- All of our family: Gran and Pa, Ohma and Pop Pop, Aunties and Uncles. We couldn't have done this without you!