Thursday, December 13, 2012

Presents for little boys

I'm back...

Ok so gifts for little boys:

1.  Water Activities

Paddle pools, sand buckets, containers and strainers. My son goes crazy for anything 'water' focused. Check out Kids Central for this great activity table. 

2. Cars, trucks, trains and planes

Wooden, plastic, metal or a mix. Boys aren't too fussy on the build as long as it's strong and will withstand the 2 year old pressure test. Have a variety of sizes and shapes - big, small, long... This will captivate them for longer!

3. LEGO/Duplo and Blocks

Isn't Lego just the best invention ever!!! Everyone loves Lego, regardless of age and gender. My hubby and daughter love building things together. And my son LOVES LOVES LOVES to knock it all down. There is something in a boys DNA that ensure 'destruction' is always first on their minds when it comes to Lego. 
Blocks are also great for building and knocking over. It can also be a great pack up game if your little one loves the sound of blocks crashing in the bucket.                         

4. Wrapping paper and cardboard boxes

Now I know this one seems a bit silly, but how many times have we heard our parents say it... Keep a few boxes aside this Chrissy and let the kids make cubby's with them. Hours of entertainment right there.

5. Keys, phones, TV remotes and computer keyboards

It's an oldie but a goodie. Most good toy shops will sell plastic key sets and TV remotes with sound effects and jingles. These are great stocking fillers. Old computer keyboards are great too. Just make sure you cut the cord off and all the keys are still secure to avoid a choking hazard. My Son goes berserk on 'his' keyboard at my feet when I am busy trying to work. It's a great distraction tool too.

6. Christmas Outfit, shoes and Christmas PJs

Boys always seem to miss out when it comes to clothes. Thank goodness for some lovely Aussie handmade Facebook businesses. Check out some gorgeous and handsome little outfits for boys. They are all just too cute.
My kids always get a new set of PJ's in their Santa Sack. It's a great tradition that began with my mum.

7. Craft

It's never too early to introduce craft to your children. Just start off small. Play dough (home made or bought), crayons, whiteboard markers and a white board, and chalk are all great little things to get you going. If you want a bit more you can try finger paints and stamps, or even shaving cream and food colouring. 

8. Trike, bike, car...

Anything with wheels, that can be sat on, that has a steering wheel and moves will be a winner hands down. Here are a couple of my tried and tested picks.
Fisher Price

9. Little People Farm Yard

This activity is a favourite of mine. It's all about imaginative play for both boys and girls. The pieces aren't too small and it's very easy to set up and pack away.

10. Puzzles 

Start with wooden puzzles as they are the easiest to put together and the hardest to break. Simple puzzles like this one are great.

11. Whatever his brother or sister is getting...

This seems to be a trend in our house. And I'm still not sure how to avoid it. Any suggestions???

I hope this list inspires you this Christmas. If nothing else other then a laugh and a flash back to your own childhood at Christmas time.