Monday, December 17, 2012

Gifts for us Mummy's

Boys, Dads, partners and significant others,

Please take note.
Us mummy’s really do appreciate the effort you go to in choosing us lovely Christmas presents like the Pajamas, slippers, tea cups, electrical appliances or box of chocolates from Coles. We really do… BUT…
IF you really want to thank us this year think about something along these lines:

2 Words = DAY SPA
Give mum a little pamper session for her to have all by herself or with a girlfriend.

Mums love their kids and will do absolutely anything for them but really, we can all do with a day to ourselves. Take the kids out for the day and leave mum alone to read a book or have a sleep.

If you really want to help mum out, pre pay for a cleaner to come and clean the house. This will give mum some time out to spend with you guys and you get a lovely shiny clean house at the end. Win/Win

Organise a babysitter to come for a couple of hours one afternoon each week to help out with the kids. Don’t make mum arrange it. You do it for her. The fact that you will go to the effort to call and book a babysitter is worth 100000 boxes of chocolates. Trust me!!!

Make a little gift box with 12 envelopes. Put $20 in each one and write a suggestion on the front for a date. You will have one ready for each month of the year. Now this really is a gift that will keep giving all year long.

If you are able to, organise a weekend away for just the 2 of you. Get the Grandparents to have the kids for the weekend, book a hotel or campsite (whatever your budget allows) and spends 2 full days together doing things you love or doing absolutely nothing. My favourite is ordering room service, snuggling up in bed and watching as many movies as I can in 24 hours… Bliss!

COOK A MEAL and clean up after
Make a deal with your wife that if possible one night a week or month it’s Daddy’s night to cook. You organise with the kids what you want to eat, buy all the ingredients and prepare a family meal. Make sure it doesn’t make more work for mummy though. And yes, make sure you and the kids clean the kitchen after so mummy has a whole night off.

These little steps to help really really really make a difference and mean the world to us mummy’s. We don’t need another pair of slippers and the cupboard is full of coffee mugs saying worlds best mum.
The gifts that keep on giving all year long and the ones that provide us with your time are truly the best Christmas gifts.

So Daddy’s I hope you have taken note.
I write this from experience. Trust me. You will be Husband of the year if you do only one of the above.
And always remember: Happy Wife = Happy Life

Merry Christmas