Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
This is just a quick little post to say happy new year and welcome back to all of you who went on lovely summer holidays.
What types of holidays did you enjoy? Were they full of extended family visits or simple, small and quiet?

I think Christmas is the most magical time of the year for family. We spend A LOT of time with Grandparents and siblings and cousins and Aunties and Uncles and friends that may as well be family. I love sitting around the dinner table or BBQ table and watching all the kids play. Chatting about how much they have grown whilst we sip our sparkling wine. And then come all the stories and memories of us as children and all the cheeky things we would get up to.

But Christmas is once again finished and the new year has begun. I am now back to work (my other job that pays the bills) after 18 months off! My kids are now back in daycare and are prepping for weekly sleepovers at Gran and Pa's, and life is once again returning to routine and structure.

If any of you know me, then you absolutely know how much I LOVE my routines, and being organised. I have a list for everything and a schedule that sometimes runs by the minute. (people still laugh about my pink run sheet I made for my wedding almost 6 years on. But I stand by it and trust that my wedding was a perfect success because of it).

Anyway, moving on... How many of you love a hunt for a good diary or calendar at the end of the year. Is there one always on your Christmas list like me? I have made my own tradition to sit down on Boxing day evening and fill in my new shiny calendar and diary ready for my year to begin. I have certain coloured pens that mean different things and I even start in Pencil sometimes to ensure it looks appealing. (Mind you this is usually scribble by about March).

I ask this because I was unable to find a diary I loved this year and boy did I search. Just ask my husband. So in true Mandy fashion I decided to make my own. I will fill you on its details later as it could be it's own post.

Another one of my many new year things I do is to write an opportunities list. This is different to an everyday 'to do' list because I don't think of this one as a chore that I must complete in a set amount of time. It's more like a wish list of things I would like to achieve and get excited when I do. I have one for each month now and I have one for each part of my life - One for My Little Table, one for home and one for my other work. Feel free to print it off and have a go for yourself. Next time I will add a reward line at the bottom so I feel like I get a double treat when I achieve my opportunities.

Ok I think that's enough for one read. I had planned to only write a couple of lines... hehehehe

Happy new year everyone and may 2013 be our year to sparkle!