Monday, July 15, 2013

Party Themes for Boys (1-4 year olds)

Hi everyone, how are you this week?
Did you all survive the school holidays?
It has been very busy in my household lately. My youngest started Family Daycare last week and let’s just say I am looking forward to next week. He wasn’t as open to it as my first child that’s for sure!!

Anyway, time to focus…
I am looking for ideas for a fun birthday theme for my son who is turning 2 in September this year.
I have been browsing Pinterest (of course) and I am absolutely loving the variety but I am stuck! Yep that’s right I can’t decide. I don’t want to ‘waste’ a cool theme like Pirates for a 2nd Birthday when I know my hubby is keen for this to be a 6th or 7th Birthday theme.  But I still want to have a ‘theme’ of some kind.

What themes have you used for your little boys?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!!!
Feel free to comment below or write on my Facebook page.

Have a great week.