Friday, August 30, 2013

10 last minute Father’s Day ideas!

This year I have to admit I am a little behind with my planning for Father’s Day. Life is pretty crazy in my household at the moment and I don’t have a lot of free time. So here are a few ideas for Dad this weekend that are quick, cheap and of course lots of fun.

1. Make a card for Dad, Pa, Pop.
Cut it in the shape of a tie or hammer to make it more fun.

2. Create a canvas artwork, painting or quote. Buy a cheap canvas from a discount store or similar and let the kids decorate with paint, crayons and craft. When dry, write a special message to dad with a thick marker.

3. Give dad a jar filled with peanut M & M’s with a tag that says: ‘To my slightly nutty but sweet Dad’.

4. Write a fact file all about your dad. Include favourite food, drink, game, TV show etc.

5. Take a photo of your kids holding a chalkboard with a special message to dad and Frame it. This is great for little babies.

6. Print out a free Fathers day template from Pinterest. There are 1000s to choose from

7. Create a handprint tree using the kid’s hands

8. Make some coupons for dad – One free sleep in, one breakfast in bed, one rumble…

9. Create a hamper with everything for a family movie night – Popcorn, chocolate, movie, hand control, favourite drinks.

10. Make him breakfast or his favourite sweet treat and share it with him.

All of these ideas are lots of fun for the kids and won’t take a lot of time. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration. Check out my Fathers Day Pinterest Board for some more creative ideas.

Happy Father’s Day