Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello Spring, I have missed you!

What a spectacular welcome to Spring!!!
This past weekend warmed my sole. It was a lovely reminder that my most favourite time of year is upon us.

I love Spring and not just because my birthday happens to fall during this time. I love the new beginnings and new life that comes with Mother Nature waking up from a long sleep. 

I love the colour and smells of flowers that fill the air and I love love love spring cleaning. OK I know I’m a dork but I can’t help myself. 

I am not a clean freak by any means but I do love a good clear out and freshen up at this time of year. I am convinced that opening the windows and letting in the soft breeze and sun into my home helps to clear out the pesky colds and bugs that seem to suffocate us during winter.
I love packing away the bulky winter clothes and replacing them with T-shirts and thongs. I love being able to hang my sheets and towels on the clothesline knowing they will actually dry. I also like to have a big de-clutter session in every room inside and out. I set up 3 boxes – sell, donate, rubbish. I clear off shelves and re fold the linen cupboard. I file all the loose papers and re-organise my sewing and craft. I put away the heavy blankets and get out the colourful cushions and outdoor picnic rugs. And I put away the slow cooker and clear a space in the fridge for salad vegies again.

The shops are also wonderful at this time of year (especially for homewares). As a little reward for all of my 'spring cleaning' I like to buy a colourful new quilt cover or a cushion or two. This makes me smile every time I walk past them.

And lastly I love love love a pretty bunch of flowers on the table. Nothing much, just some freesias or snapdragons to fill the air with the smell of Spring.

What fun and/or crazy spring cleaning things do you do to freshen up your home and your family? I’d love to hear all about them.