Friday, October 4, 2013

11 ideas for birthday traditions

As a mum I love the build up, anticipation and hype we give our children when it comes to their birthday. I love watching Miss B count down the days on the calendar and informing me each night how many sleeps she has until the big day. You can’t help but get swept up into the excitement!
Birthdays are very special in my family and we like to celebrate them with fun and flare. I am all about experiences and making memories, so when it comes to a birthday we have a couple little traditions to ensure each is special.
There is always a birthday breakfast and a special homemade cake usually chosen by the birthday boy or girl in advanced. We always take a family snap shot, and we finish with a family dinner. Up until now, my hubby and I have filled out a birthday book on each child each year. It’s just 2 pages of quirks and facts about that child at that time. This year Miss B is turning 5 and she will fill it out with us for the first time. I will continue this with my kids each year and present them with a collated birthday book when they turn 21. (I will always keep a copy for myself too of course.) I would love for you to share this with your family too.

As you know, I am a huge lover of Pinterest. It is great for searching ideas and for inspiration. Here are some birthday ritual suggestions that I have found. They are budget friendly, meaningful and of course lots of fun for the whole family.
  1. Fill the bedroom floor with balloons while the birthday girl is fast asleep. When she wake up she will have a grin from ear to ear.
  2. Tape some streamers across the bedroom door. The birthday boy can have fun breaking through them.
  3. Make a special care package of fun activities to do together.
  4.  Have a hide and seek present hunt.
  5. Write special messages in letters or post it notes and display them.
  6. Write a message on the bathroom mirror.
  7. A birthday hat for the day.
  8.  Put some birthday treats in the school lunchbox.
  9. Choose your own adventure day.
  10. Queen or king for the day.
  11. Write an entry in the Birthday book together

Birthdays can be so much more than opening presents and blowing out candles. I have discovered that by having a simple tradition associated with a birthday it makes the whole experience so much more special for everyone. We spend more time together as a family preparing and celebrating. And we have lots of silly fun and even more giggles.
How do you celebrate birthdays with your family?
Do you have a special tradition or something fun you like to do each year?

Please share your traditions below.

Have a fabulous day