Monday, October 7, 2013

Are you planning for Christmas already?

It is official. Christmas has hit the shops - Coles, Myers, K Mart and even Ikea. Christmas has arrived.

As I walked through Ikea (my favourite second favourite shop) perusing the decorations and Christmas styling I started to think about what my family will be doing for Christmas this year. Events to host, advent planning, presents to buy, decorations, carols, teacher appreciation gifts, travel and holidays... My mind started to spin and I had to take a moment. Am I ready for all of this yet? I feel like I only just packed away last years tree!?!?!

I took a deep breath and said to my husband 'I think it's time to plan for Christmas' Arghhhhhh

Once I got over my initial freak out I calmly grabbed a cup of tea and sat down quietly with the calendar.

Let's start with the big and the basics first:

1. Where will we be for Christmas?
2. Have we put in leave from work?
3. What big events do we have on around this time?

This year we will be travelling to Melbourne for a family wedding on 28th December so that was where I began.

Once I worked out the logistics of travel, accommodation and timing everything else seemed easier.

As a mum of 2 that works pretty much full time I need to ensure that I am super organised. I hate feeling overwhelmed and out of control so I do live by my trusty schedule as much as possible.

I love Christmas and all that it brings. I also love to relax and enjoy my family and have an actual holiday too. I can achieve a nice balance between work and play if I plan a head.

A few more things to think about:

4. Start a gift list now
5. Set a budget for food, gifts, travel and events
6. Plan your Christmas card list. Collect addresses, emails and start making your cards if you like make them yourself
7. Start writing a Christmas ideas list for activities your whole family would like to do in the lead up to the big day and put it on the fridge for everyone to contribute to - Santa photos, Carols by candlelight, fairy light drives and end of year parties.

Starting early will help to avoid the rush and panic of last minute shopping and organisation. 

Now I think I am off to have a glass of wine to calm my nerves. Christmas is 12 weeks away and I think the count down has already begun. Eeek!